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Aug 14, 2020

Free cse-829 spare parts No longer available, has found a new home.
Locally picup 30 min outside copenhagen, Denmark - or you pay the shipping fee :)

The parts:
* x10dru-i
* 2 x pws-1K02A-1R
* Aoc-2ur6-i4xt
* rsc-w2-66
* 2 x snk-p0058psu
Please note that the two psu "trigger" and hinge a little bent, but they work fine.

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Jan 26, 2014
I have some stuff to give away as I don't think I can (ethically) sell them, but before I recycle them I figured would ask if anyone wants them?
To give an indication of the state of the devices, I have put the reason why I don't think I can/want to sell them in parenthesis.
  1. 1x SAS 4i4e controller with SAS2308 controller (reason: I can't test the 4e part)
  2. 2x Brocade 1020 w. both brackets (reason: low value, it's an old card and newer better cards are available for cheap)
  3. 1x Toshiba 1.2TB NVMe AIC SSD (reason: not recognized by OS/BIOS on multiple different boards; I assume it does not work, I have not tried the smbus/kapton tape thing)
  4. 1x Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8, 8-port SAS/SATA card with Marvell controller, currently without brackets, but I have some lying around that might work (reason: honestly I have no faith in Marvell controllers, also I observed weird errors in "dmesg" log on Linux)
  5. 1x Chelsio T540-CR without bracket (reason: while I have had the card installed in a test system, where it was recognized, the card has damage to the PCIe "finger")
  6. 1x PBA-G35316-612 (some kind of SAS controller in mezzanine form factor, I think for Intel - notably this is not OCP style) (Reason: I can't test it - also quite obscure)
  7. 1x PBA-G15234-350 (4 port 1g mezzanine, like the other one I think it also for an Intel system and also not OCP style) (Reason: I can't test it)
  8. U-NAS NSC-800 case (Datto Branded) (reason: the soft plastic on the trays for the drives has become very sticky - it is kind of disgusting, also I can't ship it safely)
  9. 2x dynatron 2U (I think) LGA2011 narrow-ILM heatsinks (reason: low value)
  10. 2x LGA2011 2U square-ILM heatsinks (from an Asus barebone) (reason: low value)
If you are interested in some of the above, let me know, except for the U-NAS case I can probably ship the devices (you will need to pay for shipping), but I strongly prefer local pickup in Copenhagen.

I will update the list as things are "sold".
I reserve all rights to select who gets what (assuming there are conflicts).
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