ESXi 6.5 - AMD Vega GH M - Ubuntu vm - freezes host on reboot

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New Member
Jun 30, 2021
Good day,

I am facing a weird issue where I can passthrough the Vega M gpu to a Windows 10 VM and reboot/shutdown without issues.

Passing the gpu through to an Ubuntu 18.04 vm works fine for the first time, but once I reboot the vm, the host freeze (unable to access web interface or SSH).

If I shut the vm down, everything works ok till I try launching the vm, then the host freezes.

Could that be an ESXi reset issue with the AMD Vega GH M gpu ?

I read about disabling the gpu on the windows device manager before shutting it down, so I went ahead and did the equivalent on Ubuntu:
1- unbind the gpu from the amdgpu driver.
2- then echo 1 > /sys/devices/pci********/remove

The host still froze on turning the vm back on.

I then tried all combinations of resetting both the gpu HDMI and audio inside the /etc/vmware/ (d3d0, link, bridge) but that did not help to reboot the VM without freezing the host.

I am at my wits end here, so any suggestion would be appreciated.