Canada [ebay] LQD3000 AIC with 6.4TB SSD (4x1.6TB) 599 CAD


Dec 10, 2018
Toshiba 6.4TB NVMe PCIe SSD HH-HL ( 4 x 1.6TB NVMe SSD inside ) | eBay

Site: PCIe SSD Storage — LQD3000 AIC PCIe SSD | Liqid, Inc.


storagereview: Liqid Element AIC Review (7.68TB) | - Storage Reviews

I think that it is safe to buy now after Jordan Innovations confirmed that he received it on past sale from same seller:
Also the seller has now some positive feedback for this item in his history.

Looks same as: Kingston DCP1000 1.6TB SSD Review – 7GB/s beast! | KitGuru

It might have 4x KXG50PNV2T04 drives:

What I have found great is that this AIC adds PLP support to non PLP 2280 NVMe drives and has its own PLX chip (

I don't know the price of the AIC itself but it seems that it is not cheap :)
4x KXG50PNV2T04 by themselves might worth 800+ USD (just quick search on ebay by part number).

So I think that you can view at this deal as: AIC is the bonus if you need drives, or SSDs as a bonus if you are interested in AIC with PLP and PLX chip =)
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