DL180 GL iLO


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Dec 24, 2016
Hi everyone ! This is my first post here :)
Before posting here I searched all day and couldn't find an answer :
I have a DL180 G6, with 2 RJ45 and no management port. I've read here that I could use one of the 2 RJ 45 instead by setting it in the BIOS. But when I use DHCP it won't get any IP address and when I set a static IP I can't even ping it.
So I was beginning to think that I need an add on management card like these (but these usually take around 1 or 2 month to arrive..)

Here is what it said on the website where I bought it :
  • 5 x USB 2.0
  • 2 x Network RJ-45
  • 1 x ILO
  • 1 x VGA (Video)
  • 1 x Serial
Remote Management: HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator (powered by the HP Integrated Lights-Out 100i)
Onboard Administrator seems to be only for iLO2, is that right ?

So have any DL180 G6 users managed to make Lights out work ?

Also if I got this correctly it's not even iLO but just LO-100i which is far less powerful.. Kinda disappointed, remote management would have been very useful !

Thank you for your help !