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    Microserver Gen10 Plus - iLO shared port for free

    To use networked iLO in Microserver Gen10 Plus an additional NIC card is required (p/n P13788-B21). If you don't have this card shared port will be also disabled. TL,DR: pin B31 of MS10plus iLO dedicated NIC slot is used for addon card detection. Pulling this pin low (to GND) enables iLO...
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    HP Microserver G7 iLo/remote management/IPMI card

    What's the best JRE to use with it under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and FreeBSD amd64 browser that supports a JRE? I have IE 11 32-bit installed on my Windows 10 Pro tablet PC just for accessing my G7s. I'm getting timeout errors trying to console into it when it attempts to launch the Java...
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    DL180 GL iLO

    Hi everyone ! This is my first post here :) Before posting here I searched all day and couldn't find an answer : I have a DL180 G6, with 2 RJ45 and no management port. I've read here that I could use one of the 2 RJ 45 instead by setting it in the BIOS. But when I use DHCP it won't get any IP...