Dell R730xd with PCIe Extender for U.2 NVMe


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May 20, 2019
I'm looking for a sanity check and maybe some direction from anyone with a Dell PCIe Extender in an R730xd 24+2 bay server.

I've purchased two PCIe Extenders from two different sources. One new from China that came with LP and FH brackets has a GY1TD part number. The other was purchased used from a US seller with a FH bracket and has a P31H2 part number. GY1TD is the Dell part number for a card with a LP bracket for an R630 10 bay and P31H2 is the Dell part number for a card with a FH bracket for an R730xd SFF.

They're being installed in slot 4, per the manual, and connected to the backplane using the custom length Mini SAS HD cable with Dell part number 1PDFM. I've got three of these cables, purchased from two different vendors.

The cards are recognized and appear in iDRAC->Storage->Controllers when installed and connected to the backplane. The used U.2 Intel P3600 NVMe I picked up to test all of this with is absent when an HBA330 mini is installed. If an H730P mini is installed instead of the HBA330, the U.2 SSD is found by CentOS 8.2 and the newly discovered NVMe controller happily reports device info.

Does the PCIe Extender work with an HBA330 mini?