Dell PowerEdge T710 fans on high all the time.


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May 3, 2020
Sometime a go, I acquired a Dell T710 server and I installed the iDRAC6 Enterprise module, along with 8x1TB SATA drives configured as RAID 5.

I also installed another Xeon E5530 CPU making 2xE5530 CPU's, along with upgrading the RAM.

The cooling is done by 4 chassis size fans, 2up and 2down, in a 2x2 square at the lower rear of the chassis, and there's a Y shape tunnel that the leg of the Y is at the front of the case, and then it splits to cover both CPU's, the fans draw air from the front, then splits to cool both CPU's, there are no heat sink fans, as the heat sinks are huge, now here's the problem, currently the server is not under load, and both CPU's show a temp ranging from 34C to 37C and the fan speeds (in RPM) are as follows:-

Fan redundancy Status = Full

Fan 1 = 2880
Fan 2 = 3000
Fan 3 = 2640
Fan 4 = 2760

System board ambient temperature = 25C (according to iDRAC system monitor)

I don't get it, because my HP desktop has only 1x4 core CPU and it's CPU temp is between 13C and 18C even when the CPU is running high GFX, and the CPU fan is so quiet I have to sometimes take the cover off just to see if it's working.

So, here's the question, why are my server fans so high and the CPU's temp also so high, and yet the CPU heat sinks are very cold to the touch, and here's the kicker, iDRAC's system management shows that the sensors are all fine, there are no faults on the system, everything is green checked, so what is causing the high fan speed and high'ish CPU temps? Oh, and I also replaced the heat paste on both CPU's, I even unplugged both PSU,s and held in the power button for about 10 seconds, then plugged the PSU's back in, and still the fans are high speed and the CPU's high temp.
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