Dell Power Edge C6100 & HP SL170z G6


Jul 16, 2016

Just found this forum by accident and gotta say I love what I'm seeing! So I though I'd join in and ask for advice as well.

I'm a small 1 man CGI company that is growing hungry for more render power. I turn on my servers 1-2 times a week when I need to render production work currently.

I'm getting this node Dell PowerEdge C6100 Cloud Node Server VMware 8 x Hex Core E5645 384GB DDR3 RAM
But with edited specs 64 gb ram, 2.9ghz cpu, and no hdds,no other extras.

I already have HP SL2x170z G6 8x Xeon Hex Core L5640 4x nodes
and I am going to get the Dell unit now.

The problem i face now is the noise.

I was planning to cut the chassis in pieces and put the nodes high enough away from each other so that I can put in Either Noctua or Corsair H50/60/70 series water solution.

Now I have an idea how to solve the issues of HP node that I have, but I dont know yet how does the inside of C6100 looks like where it connects to power. If I can just unscrew it and then move it up/down to create the space.

Now here are questions...

1. Is there a better way to cool them down and keep noise down to 20-30db so I can use them in home ?
2. Does any1 know of a proper way of taking HP SL apart so I can do the adjustments? Maybe some1 did it before can share some info ?

3. Does any1 can take close up pictures of how the nodes plug in to power? I would probably take each node out in its case and put on separate shelf... so question is how can I route the power back to them.

4. Any idea how I can connect the 3 pin fans for each cpu ?

5. Any ideas comments please let me know as I only build standard pcs and moding servers is 100% new to me ! :- )

Thanks every one for your time and help !