Dead HP H240?


Sep 13, 2019
Picked up an HP H240 (this one: Document Display | HPE Support Center ) used "working" from ebay.

I've now tried it on 3 motherboards, 3 different OSes and it seems dead. In windows the device shows up, drivers install OK but it has an error and does not work. Ubuntu/Debian see it fine, load the correct driver but no drives show up. While booting if I leave the option ROM enabled it sits for a loooooong time "initializing" and I think theres a message at the end but I have not managed to pause booting at the right time to catch it. I've been unable to get HPs tools (bootable or otherwise) to "see" the card to try reflashing firmware. Based on other threads here and elsewhere this card "should" work outside of HP machines. Is there anything else I should try or is it "try to get a refund" time?