[CLOSED]Setup and use Ceph on single node Proxmox? A little crazy idea?

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Feb 5, 2014
OK , before anyone starts "This is crazy" rant here here me out.
I know this is not what it was designed to do. but just want to get some feedback on possibility.

From everything I have read so far, it seams that it is theoretically possible to setup Ceph on a single node, and still have the benefits of redundancy and data protection, up to the point.

so here is my wants and needs along with server stats.

I have an oldish SuperMicro AMD server
Chassis: Supermicro SC846 24 Bay chassis
Supermicro H8DME-2 BIOS v3.5 (latest)
CPU: 2 AMD Opteron Hex Core 2431 @ 2.4Ghz for total of 12 cores
RAM: 49GB DDR2 PC-5300f @ 667mHz ECC
4x1Gb NICs.

I have 2x120Gb SSD for OS
and about 6 or 8 various HDDs for local storage. 3 or 4 3TB 2x1Tb and several 2Tb
as of now some of the drives have data on them but I do have a full backup and thus can clear them at will.

my issue is that since I have a single server it needs to run multiple roles at once.
I want a virtualization server with webUI. yes I have IPMI on the server but it is not easy to use and I might not have it later on if I have to swap the motherboard. it is a home setup so I might not have funds for server grade MB later, since I might have to replace the HBA cards as well. since my current HBAs are PCI-X.

the server will run several dedicated VMs like
DownloaderVM to to use for torrent if needed and FTP needs etc.
it will be a Debian with deluge or transmission alongside with filezilla
and maybe a sonic , sannzb coach potato etc.
I do not do much downloading , but need it on occasion and also want to use the setup to help organize my media file collection.

a File Server/Manager like OMV or similar to manage network shares etc...

maybe a Plex server or media server to network streaming to my HTPC.
a Windows PC if I can find a spare license for any of my Windows needs.

any other I can not think of right now.

I have been trying to figure out how to set this all up as my HDD collection is not uniform enough for good use with ZFS. and ZFS is not as easily expandable in my situation.
Ceph seams to give me what I need.

it is supported by Proxmox and I can even use Proxmox WebUI to set up and manage it.
it allows a setup using mixed size disks, yet still provides raid like functions (unless I do not understand something)
and it fully supported by Linux so I can mount the Ceph volume/pool in all of my VMs to be used as DAS? localstore?

please show me my error in judgement.
or point me for help on how I can set this up and use properly.

PS>> Performance is not an issue at the moment.
I think I have enough resources and power to run this.

Thanks Vlad.


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Feb 5, 2014
Closing this thread.
one reason , no one is reading it.
second one is I changed my mind and will not use CEPH for what I want to do.