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    Good morning everyone,
    I have a Cisco 9361-8i in transit, is there any "special" way of going about installing the LSI firmware on this card? Do the instructions on installing the firmware on older cards work on this?

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    I've never done this one but I'd look up the instructions for clearing the old firmware then writing new firmware and check if there's a jumper involved.
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    As MiniKnight says: backup firmware, put jumper "abc" into position "defgh", and voila ! Seriously ? Not much real content behind this reply except high post count. Noted somewaht similar shallow replies to my posts, pfffft.

    So, first things first - Use MSM to install firmware. MSM software will do all the necessary actions and flash it properly. It will also prevent you from accidental flashing wrong model firmware (e.g. 92xx vs 93xx). MSM allows flashing any bios into any OEM card, this is because OEM info is actually kept on another chip, so no harm done nor benefit gained.

    CacheCade remark: I have IBM and DELL OEM controllers and - list of supported CacheCade SSDs, and CacheCade keys is not in the firmware but elsewhere, so don't expect that kind of change. If your controller doesn't show your SSDs as CacheCade candidates, flash won't help you. Same with CacheCade keys. IBM/Lenovo most rigorous about CC SSDs and I tend to agree with their decision after seeing examples of slow seagate SAS eMLC drives. I don't know how much Cisco is strict.

    Expander remark: so don't jump on any firmware update unless you really have issues. Try to find your current firmware (look into MSM numbers) and download it from web as backup. new firmware can be have more issues than previous one (case with my IBM and HP expander, hate each other with latest firmware, need to find sweet match). Broadcome is your best friend for everything and support is ok if you have their retail card.
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