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May 31, 2013
Thanks Gea, I probably do not need 21.01b9 for those features and can live with 19.12b16. But I respect your work and the support you give and will still ask you for a quote to use the pro version and keep you developing Napp-it.

But I'm still having problems...
OmniOS is a fresh install of 151038, Napp-it is a fresh install, and I'm using latest 21.01b9, and I am not able to 'Advertise SMB' or 'Enable Time Machine' via Bonjour and Autostart service. Is there some other settings I need to configure under SMB services? I see you wrote this under SMB Properties:
You can advertize SMB/ Timemachine services for Bonjour capable clients like OSX in menu Services - 'Bonjour and Autostart'On SMB locking problems switch ZFS setting nbmand or SMB oplock setting (switch back when not successful)You can disable Apple OSX SMB extensions (kernelbased SMB server) in /etc/system (reboot required):
set smbsrv:smb2_aapl_use_file_ids=1 # locking problems ex in Avid Media Composer
set smbsrv:smb2_aapl_extensions=0 # disable all Apple extensions

If your shares are not published and you can only access them via \\ip\sharename

set netbios_enable to true to publish them


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Dec 31, 2010
I have also re-tried 21.01b9 and was able to activate all services under Service > Bonjour. TimeMachine over SMB worked as well as share advertising and the Xserve icon, compare page 24. Open the a sharing dialog "connect to server", add "smb://serverip" or click on "search" there. If you see the nice Xserve icon, everything is ok - otherwise you see the ugly Dos computer icons.

Maybe the problem is simply that you are used to afp, the former Apple sharing protocol where now OSX uses SMB where handling is slightly different.

btw. You only need to enable ZFS oplock for TimeMachine. Disabling Apple extensions for SMB is only important in case of problems after an OSX update.

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