EU Bulk lots of HP T620/T630


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Sep 20, 2017
Seller I follow is selling job lots of HP T620 and T630 thin clients. Maybe useful for anyone looking for quantity. Note that these are job lots so you can only buy the quantity listed. Shipping is listed as £12.00 to the EU (my location). I've purchased several items before from this seller, they ship promptly and the items are always as described and well packaged.

Even though the seller doesn't have Best Offer enabled, I've had success before in contacting them and proposing an offer, to which they replied with a customized listing with the BO price.

None of the auctions include power supplies, but they aren't typically too expensive.

QTY 9 T630 (no SSD/RAM): £159.99

QTY 13 T620 (no SSD/RAM): £194.99

QTY 16 T620 (4GB RAM/16GB SSD): £474.99

Not the greatest steal, but still seems like a decent deal for the EU.
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