1. B

    HP T630 SATA HBA options

    I have an HP T630 thin client and a couple of Seagate Ironwolf HDDs and would like to build a cheap NAS with TrueNAS. Of course the T630 doesn't have any SATA ports, so I need some kind of HBA to be able to connect the HDDs. So my questions are what's the best one to buy and would the ones I've...
  2. W

    Future-proofing m.2 SATA

    I had been running a HP Thin Client T630 for 6 months as a server for 6 months and as I was browsing for a faster SSD for it during Amazon's Prime Day, it's stock ssd died. The same afternoon! Long story short - it's in a remote location to me so I learned my lesson of always running in a VM...
  3. W

    HP Thin client T630 limited ram speeds

    I have a t630 with a single 4gb 2666mhz ram module. I bought an 8gb 2666mhz one to supplement it and noticed they are both running at 1866 mhz and 1.5v instead of 1.2v which is the norm for ddr4. The specs sheet does say up to 1866mhz but in my experience usually these are just values available...
  4. R

    WiFi card compatibility with HP T630

    I have an HP T630 thin client, although it doesn't come with a WiFi card, the specs published on HP's site say that the machine is compatible with the following cards WiFi/Bluetooth combo cards: - Intel 8260 - Intel 3168 I was wondering whether it is possible to use it with newer cards, such as...
  5. W

    Does HP Thin Client T630 support NVMe?

    I have a Thin Client T630 which I want to use as a web server, so I was wondering what ssd to buy for it. Does it support NVMe or is it only SATA? Is there a way to find out before buying one?
  6. hmartin

    EU Bulk lots of HP T620/T630

    Seller I follow is selling job lots of HP T620 and T630 thin clients. Maybe useful for anyone looking for quantity. Note that these are job lots so you can only buy the quantity listed. Shipping is listed as £12.00 to the EU (my location). I've purchased several items before from this seller...