Barebones Dell PowerEdge C4140 - PSU, RAM compatibility?


New Member
Feb 12, 2021
I've been offered barebones C4140 - literally a case + motherboard + PCIe risers + fans. Looks like empty CTO unit, as there's no front facing backplane installed, PSUs and ethernet LOM are also missing.
Offer was good enough to start digging for parts compatibility. As expected, eBay searches gives almost no result for that model.

C4140 uses 2000 or 2400W PSUs according to Dell documentations. Previous model, C4130 - shares some PSU options with multiple servers like R640. Those 2000/2400W seems to be unobtanium unless sourced directly from Dell. But maybe they are used in other models, or I can use ones from C4130 on this chassis? (visually they look the same) I don't need that much power anyway, as if the stars align they would become just cheap Proxmox nodes :)

I also remember some talks about Dell limiting RAM compatibility to 'blessed' modules, is that the case with C4140?