Backup to NAS and to Cloud

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Jan 27, 2016
hi for my company i would like to backup a folder with all client data to the QnapNAS and retain changes and deleted files like this:

daily changes for 31 days
monthly changes for 12 months
yearly changes for 7-10 years

so the folder structure should look like this:
year03-month03-day02 (changes of the day02 to day01)
- - -day01

- -month02 (only changes of the month02 to month 01 month, all changes of the day are deleted)

year02 (only changes of the year02 to year01)

and this folder, which is located on the NAS should be encrypted and synct to a remote cloud storage for additional backup

have someone an idea on how to accomplish this? for now i tried BackInTime but this uses hard links and i can't sync hard links to my cloud provider.

i would prefer a software, which backup the changes like rsync in each additional folder and cleans them up if the month and year is done, and than i can backup and encrypt them from my nap to the cloud folder,