ASRock Rack EPYC3251D4I-2T and Samsung LR-DIMMs

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Dec 22, 2019
Does anyone have any experience with the ASRock Rack EPYC3251D4I-2T and LR-DIMMs?

In the memory QVL, there is a 32GB LR-DIMM from Crucial which is listed. I also asked ASRock Rack support whether Samsung LR-DIMMs would be compatible, and they said they "theoretically should be".

So based on that, I have installed 2x 64GB LR-DIMMs (Samsung M386A8K40CM2-CTD), but I get a POST code: b04b, which I think has something to do with the memory installed. I have both LR-DIMMs installed in the blue slots, A1 and B1. I get no signal from the IPMI console.

Unfortunately I don't have any other DDR4 DIMMs to test with, to make sure that the problem isn't the LR-DIMMs themselves. But considering the motherboard is brand new, I think it is unlikely (although not impossible) that it is the problem.


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Mar 6, 2019
Sorry for not being more useful, but I have an asrock rack epyc board (epycd8-2t) with four samsung dimms (32gb each). I honestly don't remember if they are Load Reduced, but they are registered for sure. They work well, no matter not being in the QVL.
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