Anyone with 4 x Samsung 840 PRO's on RAID5 with LSI Card?


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Dec 21, 2010
dude come on, using a TLC drive on a server? That is just not sane.
Totally sane if you have a read-only data set. Lots of data, that you need to access randomly but do not need to change.


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Oct 13, 2012
Well I guess you can also factor in that modern sad controllers can use TLC/MLC/SLC in various modes.

Imagine if you programmed TLC to act like SLC so you have 000,001,010,100... but what if you programmed it as mlc with parity? or slc with 1 usable bit

in mlc mode, you could do 00,01,10,11 and use the extra bit as parity (0,1) or ecc.

in slc mode you could do 0,1 (000,111) or 2 bits ecc.

or all 3 modes at the same time, perhaps you have some SLC mode, some mlc mode, and some TLC mode.

Likewise mlc is used in SLC mode on vector when 50% OP is used.

I'd guess that programming TLC in slc or mlc like modes could also increase speed (vesus extra protection).

What i'd love to see is a mixture of SLC,MLC, and TLC all working together as configurable for speed, density or reliability.

That would be pretty cool if you end users could configure the controller to optimize for the workload!