Anyone interested in cases with masses of 5.25 inch bays


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Mar 23, 2019
There was a reason why CaseLabs (and other vendors) stopped making similar monstrosities - there was no market for them.
It is a one thing to make a single case like that for yourself if you just enjoy metal working that much. But to pretend that it makes any sense (financial or otherwise) to mass produce those is just being silly.

Also if you think that you need to cram that many drives into a single chassis - you are doing it wrong. And using cheap drive cages and backplanes from vendors like iStarUSA is plain asking for trouble.

If I needed a case to put multiple motherboards and few dozens of drives in - I would have just got a small rack cabinet. Put the drives into JBOD enclosures, mounted the motherboards and PSUs on to generic 4U shelves and called it a day.
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Scott Laird

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Aug 30, 2014
See also the Thermaltake W200. They're still in production. Two motherboards, a zillion 5.25 bays, etc. I have a W100, which is the half-size model. It's sitting under my standing desk and it's so big that I can't lower it to a reasonable sitting height.
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