EXPIRED Amazon $321.66 CWWK Firewall Appliance, 13th Gen Intel i3-1315U (4.5GHz), 6 * Intel i226-V 2.5G 6 Core_10% Off Now

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Nov 26, 2023
u010424 Wow, a day later and they are BOTH back up again at 10%. i3-1315U 10% coupon is active. Here's the U300 with the 10% coupon. I don't understand why they only pull them for 1 day.

u010324 Both coupons expired again. I'll try to check back every two days or so, as these are good deals with two NVMe drives and one 2.5" internally and one can put outside with something like this maybe. I did order two 120mm fans with dust covers, fan controller and bigger feet. I'll let you know if this will work. Since it's curved it was a little hard to figure out what fan I should order but had to get out another 120mm fan protector grill and ruler to see what might work ( other post, thought I had it figured out, but not really ). Since it slides out you need to drill from the inside since there is NO room for error ( like 0.35??mm no clue really ) to that slide point. Crazy close but can be done, really, really wish it was square !!
Problem is my 2nd older laptop is screwed up and want to fix the NVMe caddy that broke ( ordered others to build it up, none available for my model & will have to use epoxy also ) & needs a new fresh install of Linux something (Debian 12?) & really need to reformat this laptop I'm typing I'm on now. First and foremost I have to reorder & delete my external HD so have enough room for images after I do all that. Well I guess figure out imaging software since Macrium Reflect free no longer is being updated.
I truly just don't know what should come first to be honest.:eek:

u122523 i3-1315U 10% coupon is still active. Looks like the U300 also has the 10% coupon active too.
u112823 10% Off Now, Not 20%.
So it's $321.66 Not $285.92, but that could change as there are still sales that go back and forth around Christmas every 3 to 7 days I've noticed through the years ( on these items, no idea though ).

I just ordered this on Amazon. This is $285.92 after a 20% coupon applied at checkout, don't know if it's because of Black Friday / Cyber Monday or not though. Only started seriously looking and made a spreadsheet of numerous vendors and products on Amazon and AliExpress and found this during BF. After I read another post on a CWWK where Richard_10 got the CWWK i5-1335U variant and said his Samsung Pro 980 got 6,900 read speeds I decided to go with this then.

13th Gen 2.5G Soft Router Intel U300 i3-1315U 6x Intel i226-V Fanless Mini PC Firewall Appliance Proxmox pfSense (cwwk.net)

The U300 Also has a 20% Coupon.

DDR4 Memory Only, Dual channel. However, someone did do a speed test and got PCIe 4.0 speeds and not PCIe 3.0 speeds as it states on their site. Since the Product Feature & Product Parameters are Exactly the same for both the U300/i3-1315U and i5-1335U/i7-1355U product pages.

It does have a Fan that is attached to the CPU with copper pipes also. Nice feature. Just wish it had bigger holes on top and a bigger fan, but still nice. Now the holes on the bottom were Much Better and Bigger on the older models from the pictures I’ve seen. Holes on the bottom for an 80x80x10 mm fan to fit inside. But if you do, won’t be able to put a 2.5” SSD in there anymore. But can still put 2 NVMe’s in there.

Might be best to get a 120mm, 140mm, ?, USB or AC outlet fan on the bottom that you can control the fan speed to cool it down even more. Heat Kills Every man made thing, why not make it last longer. If just only running pfSense / OPNsense with nothing else then no need. But if planning VM’s and containers and logging… probably not a bad idea.

They never messaged me back, been over 3 weeks now.

Shipping stated this morning would arrive in the US Dec 5th to Dec 12th. It also offered expedite shipping for $13.93 which is pretty good I think. I opted out since don't have DDR4 extra RAM, well maybe I don't. Need to figure out the other things later today if have time or just pay a little later, but I will have time at least since didn't get the expedited shipping.
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Nov 26, 2023
Ok Amazon.com took away the 20% coupon fully for awhile and went back to full price.
Just happened to go start up my laptop again and through all my tabs again and I noticed that they added a 10% coupon again for this product. So then it would be

$357.40 ( -10 % $35.74 ) so the total would now be = $321.66

Amazon FREE delivery December 6 - 13. Details
Or fastest delivery December 1 - 6 Don't know the cost but assume it'd be around the $14 mark like the other day?

That CWWK Intel 13th Gen U300 is still $312.49 and does not have a coupon at this time so AliExpress would be the way to go.