Advice needed for first home storage rack server - 2 options!

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Oct 6, 2016
I've been a lurker on STH and found various posts most helpful. However, I currently own four HP Microserver N54L home servers with 4x4TB HDD in each unit and it's now time to purchase more HDDs.

Moving forward & Budget
I've decided it's best to move over to a 3 or 4U unit and put all drives in one server but my budget for the server hardware is small (£1400/~$1700 USD).

Already looked at
I've looked at ready-built NAS solutions without finding anything useful.

The Two Options

Option 1:

  • gooxi
  • 16GB ECC
  • Pentium dual core (unsure which one)
Total: £1100 inc. VAT and delivery
Note: This means replacing 4x4TB drives with 4x8TB drives

Option 2:
  • 24 bay 4U Gooxi brand case (extender backplane, NOT Norco)
  • Asus RACK motherboard (P10S-I)
  • i3 6100
  • 16 GB DDR4 ECC
  • 700W EVGA Gold 80 PSU
  • LSI MegaRAID card (model is 93XX series)
Total: £1600 inc. VAT and delivery.
Note: This options means purchasing only three new drives instead of four.

What do you think? I've spent two months trying to work out which option to go with and need to make up my mind soon.

In that time I've looked at importing hardware from the US, home NAS solutions, second hand hardware from eBay, using two new desktops based on FM2+ with 8 SATA ports on each, etc.

If it helps, my next step is to purchase a standalone cabinet and mount my AVR and buy a used R710 server as an HTPC.




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Jun 7, 2016
Would you consider a Lenovo SA120 plus a HBA for one of your existing N54L's?