[Advice] Dell J727N 2700 W UPS


Oct 24, 2012
Hi, I have a few questions regarding getting an ups.

Back story
I'm looking to get my first "proper" homelab, and was looking for a smallish server rack. And I think I found one – the only thing is that the seller is also selling a 4 year old Dell J727N 2700 W UPS.

I have no experience with a UPS, and all it's powering (hopefully soon) would be a Dell R710. If I get bit by the virtualisation bug I guess it could be a bit more.

I'm hoping someone more experienced can answer.
  • Is it noisy? Does the fan go all the time? I found a Youtube video of a guy troubleshooting one without batteries, and the fans do get pretty loud. In another video it seems quiet until it's "triggered".
  • It looks like it require a 16A outlet. Does this need to be dedicated (i.e only thing connected is the UPS?). It's going to be in my apartment, so that would not be ideal.
  • How much is it worth? It's 4 years old, I'm guessing with the original batteries. I'm also guessing it's not been used a lot (the electricity here is really stable – also a reason I probably don't really need it – it's more "fun to have"). I've seen prices vary from 120 USD till 400 USD (new batteries is around 200 USD I think).
  • How long does UPS batteries last with little use?
  • Anything else I should know?
Thank you, I really appreciate any answers!