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    odd mainboard id on vmware boot screen

    I'm building a 4 node vmware cluster using supermicro x9scm-f mainboards. I've setup 2 nodes so far without any issues. This third node seems to have a strange mainboard id on the vmware boot screen. Did anyone ever see this before ? What could this be ? I've double checked all bios settings...
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    Bought used x9scm-f board, no boot

    Hi there, I recently bought a used supermicro x9-scm-f board from ebay. Altough i contacted the reseller for this issue i also want to try my luck on STH. I cant seem to get this board running with this setup : 2 x 2gb PC10600E ECC UDIMM Intel I3-2100 socket 1150 (Intel® Core™ i3-2100...
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    Please remove, found what I was looking for! :)

    Found what I was looking for, thanks!