1. I

    My HDDs get too hot. What type of fans do I need?

    Hi everyone, I have 2 unraid servers that get too hot when parity syncing, especially in the summer, so it is time to change the fans (original fans that came with the case). I like the cases I am using, and you cannot find anything similar these days, but due to their idiosyncrasies, I am not...
  2. U

    LSI SAS3008 HBA high temperature ?

    Hi all, I recently bought a SuperMicro AOC-S3008L-L8e HBA (LSI SAS3008 based with IT firmware) and plugged it in a home made NAS build with limited air cooling to keep everything quiet. Monitoring the SAS3008 ROC (Raid On Chip) device using storcli utility shows a rather high 65 °C / 149 °F...
  3. F

    How hot should DDR3 10600 get?

    I have two Supermicro X8DTH-IF's both systems have 96G per CPU. System one has DDR3-14800 RAM and the plain modules don't really feel much warmer than body temperature when running. System two has DDR3-10600 RAM and while the set on the first CPU is the same as the ram on system one, the...
  4. G

    I can sleep again ... Noctua NH-L9x65 in Supermicro SC216

    Thanks to @Rand__ for his help purchasing a solid Supermicro SC216 (2U) with a super quiet PWS-920P-SQ. I didn't have so much space for another 3U or 4U case in my IKEA home rack. Therefore I was looking for a 2U unit only, fully aware of the problems coming with it in a home office environment...
  5. X

    HPE Smart Array idles at 65C

    Is this like normal or is this HBA not operating as it should? This machine is completely idle right now. I suspect this isn't normal. But this is my first experience with HPE anything, and also my first 1U, so I have no basis for comparison.
  6. B

    SYS-E200-8D hot powered off

    I have a Supermicro SYS-E200-8D; when it is powered off, it is quite hot in the rear. I’m wondering if this is normal or if there is any BIOS setting that can prevent this. I’m thinking that it is possible that some components (beside the IPMI) is still powered even when the system is powered...
  7. A

    Temperature Comparison: LSI SAS2008 vs. SAS2308

    Hey! Does any of you know which of the above-mentioned chipset runs cooler/hotter in a medium airflow environment? I need a new HBA for my FreeNAS home server and since the cards with these two are almost priced identically now (used on ebay) I would rather go with SAS2308 since it’s PCIe 3.0...
  8. L

    CSE-PTJBOD-CB3 Questions

    Hello all, Frequent lurker here. I think first time posting. Gradually putting together a larger post with my complete build, however I have a couple of loose ends. I’ve reviewed some of the threads on the CB3 but some info I haven’t found or I haven’t seen a direct comparison in my use case...
  9. A

    Mellanox Connectx-2 temperature (and alternatives?)

    My 2-port Mellanox ConnectX-2 NIC is running at a scary 72C. I have got a Norco 4u case with 6 Noctua 80mm fans. They are running at adaptive speeds. Nothing blowing air over the PCI cards, so that won't help. I might build a bracket with magnets to hold some fans (maybe two 80mm) and one of...
  10. svtkobra7

    SuperMicro SC836 HDD Temps Too High / Fan Replacements / Your Experiences?

    Hi, As my first foray into a non-COTS server, I purchased a used SuperMicro Super Chassis SC836E16-R1200B via ebay. Having sold my QNAP NAS appliances to offset the cost, I was left with 16 HGST Deskstar NAS HDDs - 6TB that needed to be repurposed. I spent considerable time researching and...
  11. L

    SuperMicro X7SPE-HF-D525 - Cooling Suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I saw that some of you had experience with the X7SPE-HF-D525 motherboard and I figured I'd sign up! I have this motherboard in a 1U short depth SuperMicro rack case sitting inside a wall mounted enclosed rack. Apart from a few random issues, this board has been great for the few...
  12. C

    E3-1230 v5 CPU temp...whats too high?

    Hey all - recently I've been monitoring my CPU temps to see how efficient my cooler is and when firing up Prime95 and doing the 'max heat' test, the motherboard sensors noted a CPU temp of approximately 77C. I only ran it for about 10/15 minutes but it never really went beyond 79C. Now I...