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    Thoughts on sound "proofing" (dampening) a Startech 4POSTRACK12U

    Hi folks! I've been running my Startech 4POSTRACK12U for a little over a month now. It's housing a Dell Poweredge R730xd (Proxmox host/NAS), a L2 Netgear managed 24 port 1Gb switch, a couple 2U shelves holding up some Cyberpower UPSs and my cable modem, and soon a Supermicro CSE-512F-350B based...
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    WTB: 12U Soundproof Quiet Server Rack

    Looking to buy a 12U quiet server rack. I would really like a Ucoustic Active 12U rack, or something that offers similar noise reduction and thermal performance. I am downsizing from my 24U NetShelter CX quiet server rack. I would be willing to trade with someone also, if someone is looking to...
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    FS: APC Netshelter CX 24U (SOLD)

    I am selling an APC Netshelter CX 24U. This quiet 19" server cabinet is in excellent condition! Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Price is $1750. Would prefer local pickup in Dallas, TX and payment in cash. I can also ship the server rack via Navis Pack and Ship for $900 to the...