sas expander

  1. R

    Issue trying to add drives.

    Hello all, I am using Unraid as my OS and I am having some issues. I posted this in the Unraid forums, but I believe this is more of a hardware issue, so I copy and pasted it here, hoping for some help. I am having some problems when trying to add additional storage drives. I've added drives...
  2. I

    Clarification about Norco C-8087-8088F & connection to host

    Hi everyone, I will attempt to build a DIY DAS enclosure and among the components I am looking at is the Norco C-8087-8088F. I have a few questions: 1. This does not seem to require any external power. Is it practically 2 male>female adapters glued to each other? 2. In the host side (my PC) I...
  3. vl1969

    Please Help me find the best course of options for ZFS HBA.

    Hi. I have been searching and searching for help all over. and still have no running server as of yet. here is my problem(s) I bought a SuperMicro X8DT3-LN4F Motherboard to upgrade my oldish Opteron based server. I run a Prxmox VE with 5 or 6 LXC containers for File serving and Media storage...
  4. C

    Bad HBA, Expander, or User?

    I've been running FreeNAS on an old HP Microserver for years now, and I finally decided to upgrade to something more "heavy metal". I'm just now starting to come up to speed on this type of hardware, so forgive me if I'm missing something obvious. I settled on an HP DL380e G8 with the 12-bay...
  5. J

    Help with building JBOD for R815

    Hi all, I picked up 4 x Poweredge R815 servers at auction. They came fully loaded - 4 x Opteron 6276, 256gb ddr3, PERC H700, QLogic QLE8242, 2 x 1100w PSUs, etc. I am very new to working with servers and have some basic questions for a build I'm considering. Firstly, this is mostly just a...
  6. J

    any cheap sas expanders (6gbps sata)

    Hey! does anyone know of some cheap sas expanders supporting 6gbps sata drives? I see the hp sas expandersare dirt cheap now, under $30, but unfortunately they only support 3gbps sata -Jannis
  7. sfbayzfs

    Culprit: slightly bad LSI card - was: SC847 45-bay JBODs rear backplane issues - anyone else?

    Edit / Conclusion: These errors were intermittently being logged against drives in a SAS expander JBOD for writes only due to a mostly good, but partly bad port on an LSI SAS9206-16e card running IT mode P20.00.07 firmware: mpt2sas_cm1: log_info(0x31120303): originator(PL), code(0x12)...
  8. TheBloke

    Powering a PCI-E SAS expander without a PCI-E slot? Theoretically possible to make an adapter?

    Hi all I'm thinking of adding at least one SAS expander to my setup, as I am currently using 4 x LSI cards - and therefore 4 x PCI-E 2.0 slots - to run 28 x 2TB SATA3 drives. I know that I can put more drives on fewer cards without losing performance, but as I have a low-profile case I can't...
  9. T

    Can any SAS1 Expander work okay with drives over 2TB?

    So someone else posted that SAS1 expanders wont work over 2tb, then a general search shows me someone who has one working: Question about the Supermicro BPN-SAS-846EL1 and SAS1 backplanes. • /r/DataHoarder My original plans for 24-48 drives (or even more when you include opticals, hot spares...
  10. T

    Mapping the future - planning a scale out from 3 drives to 48/controller advice

    So maybe you've seen some of my posts in other subforums, micro version is that i'm forced to start on a shoestring that can be upgraded over time preferably without totally changing to a different system doing a data migration of lots of exporting and importing. The software i'm planning to...
  11. D

    Maximum # harddisk a motherboard can handle with 2 SAS expanders

    I'm new to this JBOD thing so bear with me.. Planning to build gigantic Media server running Ubuntu. I just bought 1 HP SAS expander and an IBM M1015 SAS Card which has 2 SFF8087 ports, meaning it can hold up to 2 SAS expanders... I've measured the mobo and it looks like 2 SAS expander could...
  12. R

    MPIO expected results? SAS different to iSCSi

    Hi, Using a dual backplane JBOD (SuperMicro) and server 2012R2, what is the expected result of enabling MPIO on SAS disks? I have a host with iSCSi and SAS initiators, both with dual paths (two networks for iscsi & dual port HBAs to SAS drives in JBOD), however, MPIO appears different between...
  13. sfbayzfs

    SOLD OUT, but ping seller for damaged units $120 shipped HP 761879‑001 12GB SAS3 Expander Card

    HP 761879‑001 12GB DL380 Gen9 SAS Expander Card This is a steal for the new SAS3 expander from HP, which conveniently uses SAS2 cables, so you don't have to buy all new cables! Unlike the old HP SAS expanders, all 36-ports are internal, but like the old one it needs PCIe power. I got one for...