1. M

    EU FS: ICX7150-C12P

    Brought it back from US but ended up not needing it. Brand new open box, with all original accessories and papers. Asking 350€ + shipping from Belgium (2000) or local pick up.
  2. A

    [WTB] Ruckus R710, R720 or R730

    Hi, I am looking for a used Ruckus R710, R720 or R730. If someone has them lying around, collecting dust I would be grateful for a good offer. I am also willing to pay for shipping. EDIT: I am from Germany but if it is a good deal I would also pay for international shipping. Thanks.
  3. C

    Native VLAN Challenge - Ruckus AP & ESXi

    edit1: I rethink it over and find that the problem arises when ESXi puts different tagged VLAN traffic to different VMs; native traffic is discarded and never able to reach DHCP server which is in a VM. Could it be solved if I run say a Windows server with DHCP that handles DHCP for all VLANs...
  4. D

    EU WTB Ruckus R600 access point (update: BOUGHT)

    for shipment to Germany
  5. T

    Ruckus SpeedFlex from AP to AP

    Hello, can Rucks SpeedFlex be started from mobile phone App and used to test the line speed over Ethernet between two Ruckus AP in Unleashed set-up? I have installed a Ruckus R710 and a R510 in unleashed set-up at home and I am more than happy about the performance boost I got in comparison...
  6. A

    Ruckus R750 ZoneFlex Access Point 901-R750-WW00 $449.99
  7. ViciousXUSMC

    FS: Ruckus R600 Wireless Access Points $80 Each

    I have two Ruckus R600 AP's for sale. Cost is $80 each + Shipping They are currently sitting on the most recent Unleashed firmware. They are in like new condition without any marks or scuffs. Both will include all accessories. * The AP * AC DC Adapter * T Bar Mount I plan to ship them...
  8. K

    Ruckus R500 for $50 or maybe an offer for 3x R500 for $40 each

    Hey just want to share this deal... Ruckus R500 Wave 1 2x2 Radio for $50 each or I know the dealer will accept 3x R500 for $40 each... Ruckus 901-R500-US00 802.11ac Indoor Access Point *Base ONLY* | eBay Note this is better than Unifi AC LR/Lite and better than the Unifi AC Pro minus 1...
  9. J

    Ruckus R700 BO $90 accepted

    Edit: seems I messed up. Looks like R700 does not support unleashed firmware... This looks like a good deal. Just got one accepted at $90. Shipping to Norway was cheap too. Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 Dual Band Indoor Wireless Access Point 901-R700-US00 15568556494 | eBay -jannis
  10. K

    Unifi with ICX

    Have any of you had any experience with Ubiquiti (Ubnt) gear and the ICX? I am trying to keep the 10gb traffic constrained within the 10gb ports, and only route out when needed to reach a client on the wifi or the internet since the PR01 is connected via 1gb links. I can setup static routes...