1. S

    Rackmount rails for Norco RPC-450B?

    Does anybody know of any rackmount rails for the older Norco RPC-450B? There is a review on Newegg that mentions the "iStarUSA IS-20" rails work but I can't seem to find this exact model listed anywhere and I don't see any other confirmations...
  2. james23

    rail - 1u SM (but full length pull out) (supermicro)

    I have a few 1u supermicro servers (1u chassis = CSE-815 , is 1u and full length at ~24" in length/depth). I need the SM rail kit that allows me to slide the server all the way out (not just half way). I think these are my two , correct, options, however SM's site does not make clear which...
  3. G

    Supermicro CSE-216 - Inner Rails removal

    Just trying to get rid of the inner rails for the rare MCP-290-00058-0N rail-kit to exchange them with inner rails from a MCP-290-00053-0N. Unfortunately, I'm unable to remove them for 4 days now and totally feel stupid. Am I missing something? Are they not removable once installed? Anything...
  4. T

    Rails for SuperMicro SuperChassis 505-203B (1U)

    Hello, the SuperMicro website for the 1U chassis 505-203B mentions only the rail kit MCP-290-50404-0N under optional parts. As a private person in Germany it is quite hard to get this model in a shop. Do you know if any other rail kits also fit to this chassis? Does someone have a picture of...
  5. A

    Cheap generic rails?

    Where do you get inexpensive generic sliding 4-post rails? unless its not dell or hp, they are all standard with 3 pins sliding on top?
  6. A

    EU WTB: Chenbro 84H210710-024 26" rail

    hi, i am looking to buy Chenbro 84H210710-024 26" rail, based in Stockholm. ebay.de prices are gone up quite a lot during this year. last year i can easily buy these under 25 euro. but now they are above 50 euro. i found 1 seller at amazon but they don't ship to Sweden (even send them...
  7. E

    Supermicro Rail Failure?

    I recently purchased an SC846B chassis and I'm trying to find out which rails are the best for this. It seems the best options are: MCP-290-00053-0N (yellow labels) MCP-290-00057-0N (blue labels) MCP-290-00058-0N (yellow labels, only fits short-depth racks) This is the clearest comparison I...
  8. A

    CHENBRO RM41300 in 600x800 mm rack - rails compatability ?

    Hi, i have 32U 600x800 rack, and CHENBRO RM41300 case, now i want to buy the rail, the rails i found is 84H342310-001 Chenbro 20" Rackschienen Kit // Einbauschienen // 84H342310-001 | eBay but i can't find out if this rail will fit in my 600x800 rack, can any one have experience with this...
  9. A

    WTB (US-CA): SuperMicro 3U / 4U Outer Rails (for MCP-290-00057-0N)

    Have a chassis with the narrower set of inner rails, tool-less, snap-in, made by Repon but no part number, looks to be similar to a Rev B set of inner rails. They came included with a 847E1-R1400UB chassis. The inner rails are looking for their forever match- a pair of left and right outer...
  10. L

    FS: Clearing out Old Server Lab

    SPRING CLEANING - the rest goes to liquidation/recycling in a couple weeks. Long time lurker, first time poster with a bunch of old production and warehouse hardware for sale. Located in South Jersey outside Philly, can meetup in the Tri-State Metro PA/NY/NJ area (within reason). Local Pickup...
  11. sfbayzfs

    FT: The great rail exchange thread!

    It seems that many of us who have more than a couple of systems somehow end up with mismatched rails and other mounting hardware. This thread is an experiment to see how many of us there actually are with excess rail parts, and in search of other rail parts. Terms: Rails are left and right as...
  12. The Gecko


    Ebay Link. The seller accepted $50 each when I bought three. Free shipping. Referencing a great thread for research.
  13. M

    WTB: Rails for a Supermicro SC846 (old/wide ones)

    I need a set of the older / wide rails for the SC846. I believe the part number is MCP-290-00014. Can anyone help?