raid 5

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    NEC 9362-8i Raid Controller has no Raid 5,6,50,60 options?

    Hello, I recently purchased this card on ebay. I installed the card into my supermicro server and put in 7 of my new sas drives. I can see all the drives, but when I go to create a new volume, my only options are Raid 0,1,00,10. The firmware is fully up to date from the broadcom site. I...
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    Raid5 grow time

    Hi, I have a Rackmount with a LSI-9011-8i. Now I have 2x8TB drives (one of these full) and I'm planning to buy another 4 of these drives (WD80EFAX) to build a RAID-5 with mdadm. (Now the 2 drives are NOT in RAID) If I create a RAID-5 with the new 4x8TB drives, how long will it take to grow, if I...
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    Adaptec 6805 Critical error

    I created a RAID 5 VD with 4 drives on an Adaptec 6805. One of the drives failed, so I replaced it and completed the rebuild. When checking the drives individually and the VD in maxView Storage Manager all show "Optimal," however there is a critical exclamation point on the VD. I do see there is...