1. realtomatoes

    how'd you improve zfs performance?

    i got freenas running on a 2 vcpu 8gb vm on esxi with passthrough to the intel sata ports (2x 6gbps and 4x3gbps). it currently has 4x1tb 7200rpm drives in raid10. it serves the shared datastore to my vmwre lab via iscsi. since i only got 2 extra sata ports to expand and improve the performance...
  2. E

    High performance AIO

    I'm currently evaluating the possibility to create a NAS/SAN (iSCSI/NFS) to share between 3 lab servers (all HP ML310e Gen8 v2) with an upcoming 10 Gbps network (ConnectX-2 NIC connected to a shared DLINK DGS-1510-28X). As I would like to have some services "always-on", my goal would be to keep...