1. F

    I saw this module to 8x SXM4

    Any idea how to connect this to a MB? I don't see any data connector on the board NVIDIA HGX A100 SXM4 motherboard module 676-22687-1000-004 ,02JK722 | eBay
  2. O

    Linux gets fatal PCIe error with HBA card

    I've been troubleshooting a fatal PCIe error on Linux that occurs when booting with an HBA card installed. I have gone through a lot of debugging steps; there's too much to dump here, so here's the cliff notes: - My goal is to run Proxmox. I've ran it on this system before, just without the HBA...
  3. A

    SuperMicro Riser Card RSC-G2FR-A66

    I use Workstations PC on a 2011v3 processor for my tasks. I need to use 2 GPU devices with PCI-E gen3 x16 bus My motherboard does not have a way to connect them. For connecting the GPU devices, I want to use a Supermicro Riser Card P/N RSC-G2FR-A66. The problem is that this Riser RSC-G2FR-A66...
  4. AveryFreeman

    Are there 3rd-party cases for the new Epyc TYAN S8026GM2NRE w/ Oculink?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a Tyan S8026GM2NRE motherboard but I'd prefer to put it in a 3rd-party case because 2U tends to have too many cooling issues in my environment (would like a big full-atx case to put it in) but it has PCI risers instead of PCI slots Has anyone heard of a 3rd-party...
  5. wiretap

    Intel AXXRMM4 PCI Bracket (Full Height)

    I got bored on midnights and designed a PCI bracket for the Intel AXXRMM4 remote management module. If any of you need a bracket, please try this out to see if it fits. I haven't got a chance to print it yet, but I designed it to the standard PCI bracket specs, standard ethernet cutout hole...