1. N

    Tyan S7012 BMC/IPMI stops. AST2050 area overheating.

    I have a S7012GM4NR with a BMC failure problem. I find that unless I cool the area around the AST2050 chip, the baseboard management controller(BMC) function stops. And by stop I mean, the flashing green LED goes out, IPMI is no longer accessible via the LAN or locally, and the VGA screen...
  2. cheezehead

    10GB+ ethernet workstation heat

    For those running server 10/40GB Ethernet adapters in their desktop/workstation setups designed for low airflow, how did you choose to cool these cards designed for high airflow cases? PCI slot coolers? oversized heatsinks? Re-purposed CPU coolers? water cooling?
  3. N

    How to reset overheating warning beeps without restarting? [Supermicro X8ST3-F]

    Hi guys, a few times my motherboard [Supermicro X8ST3-F] has started beeping because of a overheat warning. It has never gotten too hot too the point it turned it self off, and the server has continued working as normal except for the beeping. Then I need to shutdown all VMs and reboot manually...