1. dnb

    The most similar analogue for Micron 5300 PRO SSD

    I'm using ZFS RAIDZ-2, created from 4 disks Micron 5300 PRO Enterprise 960 SSD SATA 2.5 TLC 3D MTFDDAK960TDS. All of these SSDs belong to the same production batch of devices, purchased at the same time from the same store. However, I know from a number of sources that, from the point of view...
  2. G

    Micron 9100 Pro - Multi-Namespaces Support

    I can not find any spec sheet and/or other source that provides information if and how many namspaces the Micron 9100 Pro supports. I know this drive is a little bit older, but hey ... I can find info for the 9200 and 9300's supporting multi namespaces only. Has someone these NVMe's and can...
  3. J

    Micron 5200/5300 Flash original FW to Dell/HPE/etc drives?

    Does anyone know whether these older Micron 5X00 SATA SSDs can be cross-flashed with the original/stock Micron firmware if the drives came out of Dell/HPE ones and have slightly different product numbers (not the ****YY suffix afaik) or would one have to go down the rabbit hole trying to find FW...
  4. P

    EU WTB: 4 x Samsung PM883 or Micron 5200/5300 960GB SSD

    Hi, Hope you are all doing well. I'm in the process of expanding my lab array and want to use this opportunity to maybe find some new or used parts here instead of rushing straight to Ebay. I'm looking for 4 x Samsung PM883 960GB or 4 x Micron 5200/5300 960 SSDs. They can have...
  5. Coool

    Elpida Memory Part Number Decode

    Welcome, STH! Maybe I have luck here. Could not find at old Elpida pages how to decode part number EBJ67LJ4B3HA-GN-F (64GB DDR3 Memory module) using Elpida EDJA504B3HB-GN-F components (chips). Contacted Micron tech support, and they couldn't help me. Maybe someone has any documentation or...
  6. L

    Dell 15th gen servers with 3rd party ssd drives

    Currently looking at buying a RX750xs with h755 perc in 12 LFF chassis, but the prices listed for sata ssd are just insane. Have it configured with 4x 4TB Sata HDD from Dell and planning to get some additional ssds, like Intel D3-S4610, or Samsung PM883, or Micron 5300 max and put them in some...
  7. R

    How to use SSD with locked 520 bytes block?

    I hope you all are doing great. Few days ago I made quite stupid purchase and did not read specs carefully. I purchased 12 pieces of Micron p400m 200gb SSDs quite cheap. It was pretty good deal and in a fear of missing out I made haste purchase. MTFDDAK400MAN-2S1AA is what I have and is locked...
  8. G

    Help identifying RAM

    Hi all, I have an Intel S2600CP system board and looking to upgrade my RAM from 32GB to 64GB. The problem is my current RAM has 2 stickers on it (pictures below). I understand Crucial is owned by Micron, but am I relegated to only this brand of memory? I've been shopping for cheaper 8GB sticks...
  9. Z

    ECC DDR4 RAM (16GB) + Free 8GB

    Hello, Just listing some "pulled" OEM RAM from new Dell T640 servers. 16GB +8GB FS: $$$SOLD hma81gr7afr8n-vk (2x8GB) mta9asf51272pz-2g3b1 (2x4GB) FS: $$$SOLD PM with any questions. USA shipping only