1. Z

    FS: Sonicwall TZ600

    For Sale used TZ600 $150+shipping (US only)
  2. Z

    FS: $299 Sonicwall TZ400 and TZ350 + BONUS TZ215 (Jul 1 2022 lics)

    Selling a TZ400 and TZ350 that we replaced with Meraki MXs. Both the TZ400 and TZ350 have lics till Jul 1 2022 . The TZ350 is under warranty till Mar 5 2022 . TZ215 is added as a bonus (no support or lics) All come with power supplies as well. FS: $750 $299 + shipping + BONUS TZ215
  3. Z

    WTB: Meraki hardware (MX)

    Looking for Meraki gear MX, 67, MX75, MX85 or 105 / 250 larger firewalls. (updated 12/20/22) Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  4. Z

    WTB: Meraki MX84 / MX100 (with licenses)

    Looking for someone who has a Cisco Meraki MX84 or MX100 (MX80/MX90 EOS) that still has a license. Let me know what you have and how long is left on your dashboard. Thanks!
  5. hmartin

    Meraki MS220-series FOSS firmware

    I am looking for people who are willing to test a FOSS firmware for the Meraki MS220 (MS22, MS42, MS320) series switches. Background: Modifying the Cisco Meraki MS220-8P firmware | «WatchMySys» Blog u-boot, boot args, and compressed kernels on the Meraki MS220-8P | «WatchMySys» Blog...
  6. Z

    WTB: Meraki MX64 stack + lic

    Looking for Cisco Meraki CMNA/CMNO stacks (MX/MR/MS) for a small office. PM your pricing and how much is left on your license. Thank you
  7. B

    FS: Meraki MX-65 w/3yr license - NIB and Unclaimed

    Just as the title says, one MX65 for sale. Unopened, NIB with everything including ADVANCED SECURITY 3yr license (Shipped from Cisco July of 2019). Asking $599 shipped OBO. Edited to reflect license type and price. I mistakenly posted the Enterprise license (which I'm keeping as I already...
  8. Z

    FS: $500 2x Dell TZ400 SonicWALL

    Just moved over to all Meraki and have 2x TZ400's that I'm not going to use. Security/licences features listed in screenshot. Factory reset. FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) FS: $500 OBO shipped (ask for a free gift - SSD/CPU/RAM/ Tablet) PM with any...
  9. Z

    WTB: Cisco Meraki equipment (MX65 / MX64)

    Hello, Also, looking to see if anyone is selling any Meraki equipment. I'm working with a nonprofit and trying to get some better networking for them on the cheap! I currently have 3x switches / 3x WAPS, but really need MX devices. Looking for anyone who has completed their CMNA (Meraki) and...