loud fans

  1. I

    Noise level of SMT1500RM2U

    Hi guys, I consider purchasing a rackmount UPS (SMT1500RMJ2U - same as the model in the title but for the Japanese market, e.g. 100V). Does anybody know how loud the fans of these units are when they are NOT running on battery power? APC states a value of 46db(A) on their website which would...
  2. gb00s

    Supermicro 835 Mods

    I just got an old CSE-835 and I already fell in love with it as I can use 3.5" and my 2.5" together. It's just the fan noise from the 'fan-bar' which bothers me already. Ok, I can set the fan speed in the bios, but that's just a statical solution. Therefore I'm already working on a 3D printed...
  3. E

    CSE-847 Fan Noise Woes.

    Finished my upgrade to a CSE-847 thinking I could throw all my disks into one unit, use one MB, and max the ram and be in media storage heaven. Well, I didn't think things though, filled the unit up, turned it on and found the fans screaming their way into my ears. I've tried various...