1. D

    2x E5-2680v2 CPU's - 8x16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - Dell C8220 Dual Socket Motherboard

    Selling off some parts I'm not using. Qty 2 - E5-2680v2 -$350 shipped for both Qty 8 - 16GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz Ram - $200 shipped for all Qty 2 - Dell C8220 Motherboard. Dual LGA2011 socket. TDN55 part number - $50 shipped each Qty 2 - Asetek 510LC with LGA2011 Hardware - $40 shipped each...
  2. J

    EU FS: 1x matching pairs of E5-2650 v2 (better than E5-2670); 2x X5650 (LGA1366)

    Hello, I have for sale some Xeons from discarded servers/workstations. - three matching pairs of Xeon E5-2650 v2 (SR1A8) - LGA2011-0 - two Xeon X5680 (SLBV5) - LGA1366 - both CPU are sold - two Xeon X5650 (SLBV3) - LGA1366 All CPUs are tested for 24 hours without any stability issues. Xeon...
  3. P

    Cheap LGA2011 (v1) systems and more

    Hello, I have stumbled on a nice seller on ebay - supposedly goverment overstock. Looking for some cheap 2011 boards I have found a whole system for cheaper :) Dell Precision T3600 - 158 US !! - 5 pcs - Ready to go, 4C Xeon, 8G RAM, HDD - Upgrade to E5-2670 and 128G RAM (4*32) is possible Dell...
  4. S

    Motherboard for dual 2680 v2 server

    Hi All, I have found 2x Xeon E5 2680 v2 on the cheap and want to build a home server with these. Overall it is important for me that it runs quite, so I will be getting Noctua fans for CPU and chassis. The real driver though is which motherboard to get. My requirements for the motherboard is...
  5. cheezehead

    Wiwynn Open Compute LGA 2011/2011-3 barebones

    1.5U 2-node dual LGA2011 barebones setup ~ $290 shipped www.ebay.com/itm/Wiwynn-SV7210-2-Node-Open-Compute-Server-Base-Unit-2x-LGA2011-Brand-New-/391293435900 1U dual LGA2011-3 barebones setup ~ $210 shipped...
  6. J

    X9DRD-EF dual e5-2620 supermicro server 4x 3.5" caddy and power supply $300 OBO

    SuperMicro Server 1U E5 2620 2CPU 4 bay X9DRDEF Motherboard - uec | eBay 30x avaliable Seller with great communication that has accepted great (nearly 50% off in quantity) offers for me in the past and provides free shipping which can't be cheap. I believe they're a hosting company...
  7. G

    EU WTB: Single socket LGA2011 motherboard

    With or without memory, chipset X79 or C602 is interesting. Let me know what you have.
  8. M

    Canada WTB: Dual LGA2011 Motherboard

    I purchased an S2600CP4 a few months ago and just recently tried to put it into production after acquiring a case, memory, dual E5-2670's, etc but believe I have a dud mobo and it's been far too long to claim refund on it. With both CPUs installed and minimal ram, the system either fails to post...
  9. E

    Gigabyte Dual LGA 2011 Motherboard GA-7PESH2 $275 + ship

    Dual 10Gbe Base-T LAN (Intel X540-AT2) ports onboard! Qty 4 available. Item condition: New Other. Support Link GIGABYTE - Server Motherboard - Socket 2011 - GA-7PESH2 (rev. 1.0) Ebay Link GIGABYTE Server Motherboard - Intel C602 Chipset - Socket R LGA-2011 GA-7PESH2 Previous threads for...