EU FS: 1x matching pairs of E5-2650 v2 (better than E5-2670); 2x X5650 (LGA1366)


Nov 25, 2017
Czech Republic

I have for sale some Xeons from discarded servers/workstations.

- three matching pairs of Xeon E5-2650 v2 (SR1A8) - LGA2011-0
- two Xeon X5680 (SLBV5) - LGA1366 - both CPU are sold
- two Xeon X5650 (SLBV3) - LGA1366

All CPUs are tested for 24 hours without any stability issues.


Xeon E5-2650 v2 A-grade pair - mint condition - SOLD

Xeon E5-2650 v2 B-grade pair - SOLD
01-CPU4,5-front.jpg 03-CPU4-ihs-scratch2.jpg 04-CPU5-interposer-scratch.jpg

Xeon E5-2650 v2 C-grade pair - SOLD
01-CPU6,7-front.jpg 02-CPU6,7-back.jpg 03-CPU7-capacitor.jpg

Xeon X5680 A-grade #12 - mint condition - SOLD
08-X5680-front.jpg 08-X5680-marking.jpg 12-X5680-front.jpg 12-X5680-marking.jpg

Xeon X5650 A-grade #13, #14 - mint condition
  • SLBV3 B1, 2.67 GHz (2,93 GHz all cores Turbo), 12 MiB L3, 6c/12t, 95 W
  • starting price 20 Euro (~23 USD, ~17 GBP) per piece
  • marking (FPO, ATPO, interposer):
    • CPU #13: 3017A553, 2L018014A1755, E31036 01 ID3
    • CPU #14: 3206C082, 3E206019A1038, E64269 01 S92
  • not listed yet

Shipping price from Czech Republic is 15 Euros (~18 USD, ~14 GBP) and includes tracking and insurance.

In case of interest, I have also few pieces of Xeon E5645 (2.4 GHz, 6c/12t) and Xeon E5-2637 v2 (3.5 GHz, 4c/8t), these are not tested yet though.

//update 2018-07-25:
Under testing:
- 4x E5-2637 v3 (1st pair A-grade, 2nd pair C-grade)
- 6x Xeon X5650 (1x A-grade, 4x B-grade, 1x C-grade)
- 1x Xeon E5645 A-grade
- 8x 8 GB 2Rx4 PC3L-10600 Samsung
- 1x Intel Pro/1000 Quad GLAN

I am unable to test conditions (maybe good for CPU collectors):
- 1x Xeon E5-2450, 1x E5-2440
- 2x AMD Opteron 8382
- 1x Itanium 9340 SLBMW
- 1x Intel Xeon LC5528 Jasper Forest
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Nov 11, 2013
Will you ship to USA?

Do you have 2 sets that you have verified 100% functional?
Best Price?