1. A

    [FS] U-NAS NSC-800, Noctua Slim CPU Fan, Seasonic 300W 1U/Flex PSU, Crucial 250GB SSD, 2.5" HD's, S

    Its a new year, and I recently rebuilt my Home Server. I don't have any confirmed sales on ServeTheHome but I have a couple of confirmed trades on /r/hardwareswap Here's some of the hardware I want to sell: Server Hardware U-NAS NSC-800 8-Bay Server Case working, a bit dusty (will be...
  2. B

    Budget ITX server recomendations

    I need to build a small linux dev/ssh box and storage server. I have 7"x14" requirement for mobo space the board must support 8 sata drives (4 at sata3) and leave a PCIe slot clear for a 40Gbe card. Now storage servers are typically very low CPU power, but I do computational biology research...
  3. wiretap

    Newegg - ASRock x99e-ITX/ac for $209.99 AR

    Heads up.. sale ends 3/31/2017.. but Newegg has an ASRock rebate program going right now. The main good deal I see is the x99e-ITX/ac going for $209.99 AR. It's a great board, with support all the way up to a 22-core/44-thread Xeon E5-2699 V4. Newegg rebate form...