intel cpu

  1. gb00s

    Fan setup stuck with CPU fan warning on both sockets

    Hi, I'm building an 'old' HomeServer with 2 Xeon X5680's on an Intel S5520HC in a NZXT 340 Elite (Mid-Tower). My problem are the stuck fans from Noctua. These are NF-P12's Redux PWM with a fan speed range of 450rpm tp 1700rpm. The Intel board gives me constant CPU-Fan orange warning light...
  2. Zack Hehmann

    Dell Optiplex 790 support VT-d

    I have Dell Optiplex 790. I bought it for $40. It has an i3-2120, 250 GB HDD, and 2 X 2 Gb of DDR3. I'm planning on using it for an ESXi box for Zoneminder and pfSense. I'm wanting to utilize VT-d so I could pass a network card to pfSense. I am looking at buying an i5-2390T for lower wattage...
  3. L

    WTB:looking for ES E7-8890V4

    Hello Guys We are looking for some E7-8890V4 ES version processor, for limited cost considerration Can you have any source to offer?