1. C

    Switching Mellanox SX6036 from InfiniBand to Ethernet Mode

    have a Mellanox SX6036 switch that's currently set up in InfiniBand mode. I'm interested in switching it to Ethernet mode for our network needs. Has anyone gone through this process before? I am going all over the Internet, and I cannot find it. Thanks!!!
  2. L

    AOC noob questions

    I have experience with 10G SFP+ and 100G QSFP28 passive DAC cables but have absolutely no experience with optical cables. I need to connect one ConnectX-5 Ethernet card to another (both have 100G QSFP28 ports) but I believe the systems are too far apart (approx 10 meters) for passive DAC...
  3. D

    Supermicro X9DRW-3LN4F+ Mainboard Intel i350 NIC EEPROM dump needed

    Hi I messed up my LOM Intel i350 EEPROM on this board. Can someone with the same exact motherboard (X9DRW-3LN4F+) make a dump with "sudo ethtool -e eno1 raw on > eeprom1.bin" for me? (same for eno2-eno4). On my board it was v1.61 for the first two Interfaces and v1.52 for ethernet port 3 and...
  4. S

    2Gbps FttH with ISP Router 1Gbps Ethernet...!?

    Ok.... First up... this is literally 1st world problems... but I would appreciate some advice. I have a 2Gbps FttH internet connection here in France coming from Orange. However, their router only has 4x 1Gbps Ethernet ports, and doesn't support link aggregation (LACP). So this is good for...
  5. A

    New Home Build Wiring Recommendations 2020 Edition

    Hey everyone. So the question that's been asked before gets asked again, but this time for 2020. Building a new home and looking at network cabling options in the house. Home is large, Aprox 5500sq ft. so some runs could stretch out to 100m in length. Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat7, Cat8, and Fiber. All...
  6. Kei-0070

    10Gbe poor performance in windows

    Just ran some basic testing on the 3 machines that are going to be linked together via 10Gbe and found some slightly strange performance issues. This is the kit that is linked together: Switch - Juniper EX3300 with juniper SR transceivers no vlans or L3 features enabled 1500 MTU PC1 - Windows...
  7. I

    Intel bids 6bn $ for Mellanox

    According to german it news site Golem and their source Intel bids 6billion $ for Mellanox. Sources: Intel Among Bidders for Chipmaker Mellanox - CTech Rechenzentren: Intel bietet wohl 6 Milliarden Dollar für Mellanox - (German) I'm wondering what will happen if Mellanox accepts the...
  8. M

    EU FS: 2x 10GBase-T 10GbE DualPort Ethernet (RJ45 copper, QLogic BCM57810)

    Hello, I'm selling a bundle consisting of TWO QLogic BCM57810 dual port copper ethernet RJ45 NICs. They have driver support for Windows 10, Windows Server 2008/12/16, linux and VMware ESXi also. The cards are in a perfect working condition. But be aware that the fans are not the most silent...
  9. 40gorbust

    Ring network with dual port network cards without a switch

    I have a few servers that I do like to connect with 10Gbit and later 40Gbit (Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards in ETH mode) but without an 'expensive' and loud switch. I can get the cards with 2 ports for a little bit more than cards with 1 port so the initial investment is nearly the same ; 6 cards...
  10. mattaw

    FS: Silicom 4x 10GBe SFP+ PE310G4i71LB-XR, Intel X710 ultra low profile Ethernet (Ebay)

    $300 shipped. A rather unusual ultra-low profile 4x 10GBe Silicom X710 based PCIe Ethernet card. PE310G4i71LB-XR. I am also including the high profile bracket. Worked fine with Myricom 10G-SFP-SR optics. Can use Intel's standard drivers or Silicom's available with a signup. Supports most...
  11. F

    Help PLEASE I really am about to lose it.

    I have two computers. One ASUS Rampage 5 Extreme Edition 10 Running an Intel 6900K and an ASUS X399 Prime A running an AMD 1900x, both machines run Windows 10 64Bit Professional, 32 gigs of ram and a Raid 6 Array. The problem is as follows. I recently purchased two ASUS 10Gbe nics, plonked one...