1. M

    ConnectX-2 crash ESXI host when VM is booted

    EDIT 1 : post #3, ESXI is not the culprit here. Launching anything bare metal do exactly the same. Hi, I'm finally updating my homelab network to 10GB, and I have some issues with my ConnectX-2 cards. The server is an R710, with ESXI 6.5 u1. I want to passtrough the card to a Windows Server...
  2. D

    M1015, Still required?

    Good morning and Happy New Year. This is my first post, so thanks for having me. I am also brand spankin new at FreeNas, so I appreciate any patience you can afford. I did a quick search but haven't seen any posted since earlier than July 2017. I am running VMware ESXi or whatever hypervisor...
  3. J

    Planning DIY NAS for 2-node vsphere cluster - advice needed

    I posted this in the wrong area of the forum. Hope I have better luck here :) I am in the process of getting a proper 10gbit vaai supported storage solution for my home lab. I am considering the QNAP TS-831X, as it has 2x sfp+ built-in, and vaai support + vsphere plugin. Not sure if the...
  4. F

    Accessing Intel BMC/IPMI over dedicated PCIe NIC on ESXi

    Hi there, I have an Intel S1400 board with 2 on-board NICs from which I can access the Intel BMC when I use these 2 ports for uplink in ESXi. This system also has an Intel I350 addon-on PCIe NIC card with 4x1GB ports. When I use the addon card with the 4x1GB ports for uplink in ESXi I cannot...
  5. marcoi

    Findings and exploration of Intel Optane 900p Under ESXI

    Decided to create a new thread for Optane 900P under ESXI so not to overload other threads with specific data. If you like to post your results and findings here. Please include some base details such as ESXI version, general host details, setup of 900P drive in esxi, vm specs, etc.
  6. N

    FS: mITX Silent ESX Homelab, 10GB Switch & NAS Case

    Selling my homelab now that I have one hosted at my office. All prices include shipping to CONUS via USPS or UPS. International shipping on a case by case basis. Accept Paypal, BTC, ETH as payment. 2x ESX mITX Nodes - $300 ea or $500 for both. Case - iStar S21 Mobo - Intel S1200KPR CPU -...
  7. T

    Affordable little Xeon workstation

    Hello I currently have an Asus P8C-WS with an Ivy Bridge E3-1245 v2 Xeon. It is currently serving as a hackintosh. No sleep, no hibernate, must be forced to power off. But otherwise quite nice. It has 24 GB ECC RAM, but OS X has no MCE support for the chipset. Has seen very little use since...
  8. K

    Recommended Virtualization Solution?

    Hi! We just got two new DELL servers in the office with the following specs: - 2TB Disk Space (using RAID 5) - 192GB RAM - 2x 8 code Intel CPUs each (32 cores each) And we're now discussing which virtualisation solution would be the best to host multiple different environments (a kubernetes...
  9. Patrick

    VMware ESXi 6.5u1 with Intel Atom C3000 Series Denverton

    Just tried the latest VMware ESXi 6.5u1 ISO and the VMware-ESXi-6.5U1-RollupISO.iso with the Intel Atom C3000 series "Denverton" using onboard 10GbE: Since U1 was released about three weeks ago, it looks like there is going to be some time where one needs to slipstream new Intel drivers into...
  10. Z

    EU FS: Supermicro A1SRM-2558F Barebone, Dell H310

    I try to tidy up my lab to create space for new toys. ATM the parts are located in Austria (Graz area). Insured shipping within the EU is already included. Payment preferably via Paypal friends. I'm open to reasonable offers and questions. Just hit me up. Photos can be found HERE. Supermicro...
  11. AveryFreeman

    ESXi internal network to VM

    Hi, I'm trying to do something that I'm not sure if I can do without vSphere server, I have ESXi 6.5 without vSphere (standard built-in web-client only) and I want to create an internal network (separate vSwitch) that has traffic isolated from any physical NICs How do I do this? I created...
  12. A

    USB controller Pass-through Supermicro X11SSH-LN4F ESXI 6.5

    So I've literally had this problem for like a year. I just absolutely cannot get the onboard USB controller for this Supermicro X11SSH-LN4F to show up in ESXI as a pass-through option. It just doesn't appear in the list of pass-through hardware. I own a number of other Supermicro X11 boards and...
  13. L

    How important is it to use components that are on the VMware HCL?

    I'm looking to build a new ESXi 6.0/6.5 whitebox server for my small business using a VMware vSphere Essentials Kit license. I'm currently shopping for a motherboard. In the past, I've found supported Supermicro motherboards by checking the HCL for Supermicro systems and then determining which...
  14. C

    Is augmenting my existing setup with a SAN build a good idea?

    Im currently running an 'all-in-one' ESXi 6.5 build where my storage tier is a quasi-san but all built into the existing host. The VM root file-system is a VMDK housed on one of the SSD datastores and then I have 4 HDD's passed through to the NAS OS via RDM. The HDDs are setup as a RAID10...
  15. N

    Upgrade advice from AMD FX-9590 to Intel or AMD Naples?

    Hello, I had built a ESXi system originally with 5.5 on it, but have upgraded to VMWare vSphere 6.5. It runs an FX-9590 processor (220W, but undervolted) with 32GB DDR3 RAM (Max) on an ASRock 990FX Extreme9 board that is also water cooled (trying to quiet it a bit). Also have a 256GB SSD for...
  16. realtomatoes

    Working ESXi on Ryzen

    gents, a user on reddit just managed to boot up ESXi on ryzen. says all he did was disable SMT on bios. appreciate if ryzen owners could confirm that? thread here.
  17. C

    HP ML350e G8 Server - CPU Option Opinions - Should I?

    Hi All, I currently have an HP ML310e G8 and whilst its a good server it is bottlenecked by the fact it only supports 32GB DDR3 UDIMM RAM and I use it as a ESXi host. The processor is a E3-1220 V2 (Quad Core no HT) and I have 2 of these servers running max ram and loaded with 4 x 3TB drives in...
  18. Marty007

    Building my first server - too many choices!

    I have been up and down on Google, actually sat down and built an ESXI box, then jumped to Windows Home Server 2011 (don't ask why), now I am looking at FreeNAS. Either I have ADHD, or there are too many squirrels in my life! Older rig I picked up here, X8 board, with a quad core Xeon...
  19. N

    ESXi on ASRock 990FX Xtreme9 non IPMI, Stay or Go?

    Hello, I built a ESXi Whitebox a little over a year ago that has a ASRock 990FX Xtreme9 AMD motherboard with an AMD 9590FX 8 core processor installed (undervolted), 32GB DDR3 memory, Swiftech Water cooling system and Fractical Quiet Case. This also sits in my office a few feet from my desk. I...
  20. C

    How can I improve disk performance for my ESXi build?

    I've been playing around with ESXi for almost a month now. My first hurdle was getting my GPU to successfully passthrough and while a bit bumpy, I managed to get that fully working which was exciting. Then, when working through setting up my VMs I started to notice that I had pretty mediocre...