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    Need help debugging strange network speeds

    Setup: Dell R620 with 10Gb RJ45 running proxmox (Kratos) Custom Server with 10Gb SFP+ LC Fiber Connection (Notch) Synology RS1221 with Synology 10Gb RJ45 NIC (Vault) Iperf3 Tests Summary Kratos -> Notch or Vault | 10Gb Notch -> Vault | 10Gb Vault -> Notch | 10Gb Notch or Vault -> Kratos | 4Gb...
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    EPYCD8-2T Serious issues

    Hi mates. I think that my EPYCD8-2T failed on me (at the worst moment, of course). My plight started 2 days ago, when I added the fourth GPU. The board did not boot properly (no screen output), and after the usual 30/40 secs, the power draw skyrocketed at almost 300W. No ssh server running, so...
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    Virtual Box Log ● Collect Debug info

    Hello, Since I needed to troubleshoot some installation problem with a a virtual machine (VM), I made a video to show some of the steps for a VM. you will need log files and some debugging information. You can learn how to prepare that information for support staff and how to look at some parts...