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    Datto MD70-Datto (Gigabyte MD70-HB0) BMC issues

    Hi everyone. I`m a long time reader, first time poster. So far I've been successful in finding solutions to some of my home server build issues here from questions that other users have asked, but now, I am a bit stuck. I have a Datto MD70-Datto dual socket LGA2011-3 motherboard, which appears...
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    Wanted: BIOS for Datto MB10-DATTO-07

    I am asking owners of Datto MB10 board please share the Datto BIOS. Background info: I made the mistake of flashing MB10-DATTO-07 (came with F01 BIOS) with the BIOS for Gigabyte MB10-DS1 and this stopped onboard LAN from working. (The DS1 has 1G LAN and the Datto board has 10G LAN surprise...