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    Thoughts on Using Consumer SLC SSD for NAS

    First Post! Okay, here it goes. I'm going to start moving regularly for my job so I sold my rack and got a VRTX to consolidate my lab into "mobile" infrastructure. Since moving involves a lot of vibration I wanted to stick to an SSD build only... but SSDs are expensive. A consumer SLC SSD runs...
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    $15 -- Netgear GS908E - 8-port Gigabit Consumer-grade managed switch

    Not sure if people on here care for consumer-grade stuff, but this is currently available for $15 on Amazon: (As usual free ship with Prime or with orders over $25) The NETGEAR GS908E Smart Managed Plus Desktop Switch features 8-Port Gigabit...
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    Enteprise vs consumer SSDs for home server use?

    Some forums have a beating a dead horse emoji, I don't see it here. Apologies in advance... I touched on this question in this thread, but it didn't get a lot of traction, and I think it's a worthwhile discussion on its own: for a home server, is it worth paying the premium for...