boot drive

  1. svtkobra7

    Thoughts on ESXi 7.0 Boot Drive (Samsung 970 EVO Plus or WD SN750), please? (for my specific use case)

    I'd love some thoughts on what is the better ESXi 7.0 boot drive, the Samsung 970 EVO Plus or WD SN750, both @ 500 GB. Specs seem quite similar and just prefer to toss the matter out to the pros (which I am NOT). Please let me know - after review of my constraints - if I'm completely barking up...
  2. M

    Supermicro MB w/ USB issue

    I recently purchased some X9DRD-LF systems. I have got them fully updated and am using an m.2 to USB SATA adapter as a boot device. I had the devices attached to the external USB ports and they are operational as a boot device for ESX. (much better than USB flash drive performance) I finally got...
  3. S

    boot guest from passed through AHCI on ESXi 6.0 (can that work??)

    Hi, I want to try out an all-in-one build. Everything works: ESXi 6.0 boots from usb key A second small usb key is configured as datastore. However because I reserved the memory no swap file and other unwanted writes will take place on the datastore. It only has the vmx files. The vmdk's are...
  4. C

    9260-8i Boot Disk

    I just got a new server in with an LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i controller. Currently the drive (known good) is not showing up in the BIOS but does show up on the controller status and WebBIOS. How do you make the drive show up to be bootable as well as show up when installing an OS? Thanks.