4u server

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    Help Quieting My Supermicro Servers

    So I have two Supermicro servers, a 1U and a 4U. I just want to reduce the noise a bit. It's mostly the fan wall that is in them. Ideally I'd like to replace them with a quiet fan like Noctuas. I'm not worried about the power supplies at the moment, it's mainly the fan walls I want to get...
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    What I can do with this stuff??

    Hi! Good morning ppl, i had found some stuff that was prepared to be disposed in my work and i took it, cause it looks in pretty good condition. Please, can you help me deciding what I can do with it, or what/where they can be useful for? A little background: in my job wen we need a computer...
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    Thoughts on this an SYS-4027GR-TR

    Hi all, Just came across this SYS-4027GR-TR chassis as an alternative to an SYS-4029GR-TRT2 (single income family so need to be cost conscious) I know it appears that they've been used for Crypto mining, but with the lack of an SSD backplane, what would you guys consider a "reasonable offer"...