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    MLAG support coming soon for Mikroik CRS 3xx switches

    I am pretty amused to see the news : Quote (page2) 4) MLAG on CRS 3xx switches We remain committed to involving the amazing MikroTik user community in developing RouterOS. Once again your feature requests have become a...
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    EU NEW HPE 375GB NVMe PCIe SSD aka Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X 375GB, 349€ inkl. VAT free shiping

    I am looking for some optane to plot chia ;) bought 3 of them , to build a raid0 , an plott some K34 has a 100% reputation on ebay same drives cost 46€ more on ebay. Have fun.
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    FS S5860-20SQ Switch Review 20x10GbE 4x25GbE 2x40GbE 1U

    As far as I have seen, these are also the few affordable switches that support MLAG / VPC. which gives a good increase in throughput, especially in vSAN environments.
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    Need Help, getting BMC/IMPI recovered from a failed BMC firmware update.

    Hello to all, I tried to install a BMC firmware update on a HP Cloudline CL3150 the other day, but I had a timeout in the update process. After I could no longer log on to the WEBui, I disconnected the server from the power, then the system would no longer boot. I do not get a picture...
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    Oracle F640 6.4TB: need firmware and instruction how to flash
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    EU P4608 699€ (PN) Deal or not?

    I bought two of these SSDs, for 1300€ together incl. VAT. they are Oracle F640, with two nvme controllers each 3.2TB under windows and freeBsd and debian, they are recognized individually (total 4x 3.2TB) under ESXi 7.0x but only as a single drive. If someone is looking for the firmware...
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    UK [FS] Bob's workshop tidy up

    Hi @bob_dvb, i will buy the intel x550-T2, can you please send me payment infos? shipment to germany. Thank you in advanced
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    EU SuperMicro CSE-825 1x Xeon E3-1231 v3 8x 3,4 GHz 32 GB RAM 2x 2 TB HDD 229€ OBO 200€ accepted perfect for low energy, xpnology or plex media server project, even truenas zfs should rund reasonable offered 175€ came back with 200€ good luck.
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    EU AMD EPYC 7551 - 295 GBP

    I running those i three CL3150 Servers, with 8x 1.92TB nvme and 256 gb Ram , pretty nice CPUs. got them from there for 450€ inkl. VAT. with invoice.
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    List of NVMe drives that support namespaces or other ways to divide one up

    Looks like the Intel 4510 support namespaces as well. my Oracle F320 (Samsung 1725a) does not support them: the key indicator seems to be this : # nvme id-ctrl /dev/nvme1 -H oncs ...
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    How to get firmware from Oracle

    so i cloud upgrade the fimeware , while maintaining period. thx @ all :) @Layla , nvme reset /dev/nvme0 without nX worked for me, under debian 10.
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    EU [UK] Supermicro X11SSV-M4F £215

    @anoother , can you please upload the file here ? :) many thanks in forward.
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    6.4TB Samsung PM1725a 5DWPD Enterprise TLC V-NAND PCIe 3.0 x8 NVMe HHHL AIC SSD NEW $999

    Looks pretty good, its new, have 5 year warranty. I offered for 2 PCS $1800 comes back with $1900. so maybe one for $950 also possible. Good Luck.
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    EU [WTB][UK] Low cost workstation with 128GB RAM

    Search at : JINGSHA X99 Lga 2011-V3 Motherboard 4-Kanal Ddr3 256 GB Ram I build my Workstation with this, Xeon 2673 v3 + 128 GB off RAM (8*16gb) DDR3