MLAG support coming soon for Mikroik CRS 3xx switches


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Nov 4, 2015
I am pretty amused to see the news :

Quote (page2)

4) MLAG on CRS 3xx switches We remain committed to involving the amazing MikroTik user community in developing RouterOS. Once again your feature requests have become a reality – with MLAG addition to the CRS3xx switches. Introduced in 7.1beta6, Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group or MLAG allows for the ability to form LACP channels across multiple physical switches. Basically, it enables Layer 2 multipath redundancy and load balancing. As MikroTik certified trainer Kevin Myers writes, “CRS3xx switches are very inexpensive (starting at $149) and may very well be the lowest cost MLAG capable hardware available on the market.”, so there is no reason to skip this impressive technology now.

the cheapest option so far was some Switches.
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Jan 26, 2014
It is certainly very nice :)

For me the big feature add with RouterOS 7 is that they have added "added L3 HW support for all CRS3xx devices;" (from 7.1 beta 6 patch notes).

The question is, when will they be able to release it?
RouterOS 7 has been an ongoing joke, because it was obviously going nowhere for years, so it is great that they got it going, but I would not be surprised if they are a year (or more) away from a "stable" release.

A different aspect that I believe is worth taking into consideration even now, is whether to buy (and recommend) CSS switches (like the CSS326) as opposed to CRS switches (like the CRS326 - the 24x 1g version). If L3 and MLAG are RouterOS only, saving a few EUR/USD (about 35 EUR without VAT as far as I can see) with a CSS switch hardly seems worth it (they are unable to use RouterOS).