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    Supermicro FatTwins: AOC Cards

    Thanks. My Google-Fu failed me, and this is exactly what I was looking for. Kudos!
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    Supermicro FatTwins: AOC Cards

    Evening: So I am considering purchasing a number of the Supermicro FatTwins (6027TR-DTRF w/X9DRT-HF boards) and am wondering if anyone knows anything about the SXB slots that take the propriatary AOCs and daughter boards? Basically, I need to get a 10GB SPF+ NIC in there along with an 6gbps...
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    Hitachi Harddisks Thread (5K3000, 7K3000, 7K2000)

    Morning All: Was just wondering. A few pages back, someone had picked up a the HP version of the 0F10452 that was the HP version that had been flashed with the HP firmware. They were going to cross-flash it with the original Hitachi firmware. The drive arrived failing and they never did it...