Supermicro FatTwins: AOC Cards

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Jul 11, 2015

So I am considering purchasing a number of the Supermicro FatTwins (6027TR-DTRF w/X9DRT-HF boards) and am wondering if anyone knows anything about the SXB slots that take the propriatary AOCs and daughter boards? Basically, I need to get a 10GB SPF+ NIC in there along with an 6gbps HBA.

  • Is there any place I could get a list of compatible AOCs and daughter cards for this board?
  • In the motherboard manual, it appears that these can be changed via a jumper to PCI-e slots. Am I reading that correctly (however, even if I used the back-facing SXB slot as a PCI-e slot, I'd still only have a single slot, and need two addon cards).
Thanks for your time!

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